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Sweet Wife from Farm Family

Sweet Wife from Farm Family

Historical Romance


Author : Cha Mi

Publisher : babelnovel


In the previous life, he was a brave warrior on the battlefield. After sacrifice, he was reincarnated on a woman who had been bullied. The appearance of the weak woman imprisoned the soul of a masculine man. Since then, this soul has taken this poor woman chasing happiness step by step. First of all, they punished her sister-in-law who bullied her since she was in early age, then they beat the parents-in-law who beat her and scolded her, and finally took her lover, left here, farmed, cooked, and lived a happy life. ☆About the Author☆ Cha Mi, a relatively well-known online novel writer, has written many novels and described different types of sweet love from the perspective of women. The story of <Sweet Wife from Farm Family> is interesting, and the plot design is twisty and fascinating.