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Sweet Wife: Overbearing Boss is Formidable

Sweet Wife: Overbearing Boss is Formidable



Author : Yun Yi

Publisher : babelnovel


Lu Bei Cheng gave Lin Huanhuan a marriage contract, and she flew into a rage: "Lu Bei Cheng, you beast! I won't marry you! " He rolled his eyes and looked at her. "Do you want to be responsible for repudiating the debt that happened three years ago?" "You are shameless!" She was so angry that she threw a vase over. A year later, her reputation was tarnished. She was scolded by tens of thousands of people, and it was he who stood in front of her, shielding her from the wind and the rain. He was the one who received all the scolding! "Boss Lin, what do you think of Lin Huanhuan's preposterous act?" "My pet, do you have any objections?"