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Tale of Nether King Breaking The Hell

Tale of Nether King Breaking The Hell



Author : Fo Hai Xu Mi

Publisher : babelnovel


Legend has it that there exist a total of seven races living in the Divine Great Land: Human Clan, Merman, Savage Clan, Wing Clan, Ghost Clan, Wisdom Race, and God Clan. Human Clan was the present Great Sheng Dynasty. The Merman s and Savage Clan were almost completely slaughtered by the Human Clan, but Wing Clan, Ghost Clan, Wisdom Clan, and God Clan seemed to only exist in legends. The King of the Human Clan was naturally the emperor of the Great Sheng Dynasty, Wu Deng. He fought for supremacy over the world, killing and driving away other races. With the Merman race as their leader, they were hunted down and killed by the Great Realm King. And Ming Prince, as the least favored son of the Emperor of Great Sheng Dynasty, watched as his broken nation's Human Clan was annihilated, and his parents and brothers slaughtered one another. The Ming Prince turned into Pluto. Everywhere Pluto passed, he turned into scorched earth.