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Tales of Ruffian in Fairyland

Tales of Ruffian in Fairyland



Publisher : babelnovel


Ye Feng failed in college entrance examination, while he got an treasure which could help him to go back ten days ago. He used it without a second thought. He planed to go back ten days ago and re-enter the college entrance examination, then create a wonderful life. However, unexpectedly, he traveled to another world in a mistaking way. In this world, Ye Feng practiced martial arts, holding a large knife, fighting and killing, and embarked on the road of the strong. ☆About the Author☆ Xiao Fanzi, a well-known online novel writer. He loved reading leisure books from an early age, and came up with the idea of writing his own stories. His biggest wish is to write wonderful and beautiful stories. His work <Tales of Ruffian in Fairyland> has realized his dream. The novel is loved by readers for its ups and downs plots.