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The Biography of Consort Ling

The Biography of Consort Ling

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


He inherited a magnificent scenery, and had a harem like the clouds, but he knew all the smiling faces, but they were all just decorations for the peace. "Empress, the shoes of this Master have never matched his feet." The truth that no one dared to speak had changed her life. Ama said that people in the palace could not be trusted, but the Fucha Queen confided in her. In the eyes of the world, she had betrayed her master, the King of Charm, but she had unbeknownst to pity and gratitude in her heart, so she was willing to become the empress's tool. She was the only one who knew of her helplessness. Hong Yan thought that she would live a life of humiliation until she found out that she was being sincerely pitied and cared for, until she saw the tears that the emperor had shed for her. "You are not the bane of women, you are my best friend in this life."