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The Biography of Consort Xi

The Biography of Consort Xi

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Welcome to the author's public address — — When she entered the palace, she was 13 years old, and the person she married was the dignified fourth son of the Emperor, Yin Xin. The first time they met, he gently wiped away the cinnamon cake at the corner of her mouth and asked with a faint smile, "Do you still like the pastries in the house?" Those slightly cold and clear eyes were filled with warmth as he faintly smiled. He had never promised an end to the world, but she felt that she would love him forever. Kang Xi said that he was calm, but she was sure that not only was he willful, he was also petty … She had never thought that one day, he would claim that she would become his imperial concubine. When her heart finally died, he would firmly stare into her eyes! "Newcome Yanhua, you were born to my people! "Death is my ghost!" In the end, she finally understood that all of her favors were nothing more than a dream …