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The Chief Is Wife-Oriented

The Chief Is Wife-Oriented



Author : Xue Se

Publisher : babelnovel


What is a professional green emissary? < br/> Xin Nianyin explained the problem with her body. Ever since he had married Gu Qi, he had been carrying the colorful flags and showing mercy day after day. It could be said that he had walked among the myriad purple and red flowers, and left none of the leaves behind. However, he had left everything to the Gu family's third young mistress, Xin Xianyin. As the saying goes, living in this world is hard to come by, but these days are also really frustrating. Xin Nianyin decided to just give up and pat her butt to prepare to give way to a sage. Who knew that the man who had been wasting time just a second ago would prepare a washboard and wait in the living room with a flattering look on his face, "Wife, this is the diamond ring I prepared for you." Xin Nianyin spat out a mouthful of blood, "Who wants the green diamond!?" Get lost, you dead scumbag! " < br/>