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The Conspiracy of Memorable Love

The Conspiracy of Memorable Love

Modern Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


When I was drinking at the nightclub, I met my ex-husband, who was also what the head waiter called "big fish". He told me to go have some snacks, and in front of Chu Yi, I was not only serious, I also went straight to the point. In front of all the nobles and officials he invited, I directly made Chu Yi embarrassed. In the Southern City, the famous CEO Chu's ex-wife was drinking at a nightclub. This was a slap to Chu Yi in front of everyone. When Chu Yi became angry due to embarrassment, the financial backer He Liancheng saved the situation. He then said in front of everyone, "You dare to touch my people? Let's see who's territory it is." The two men fought for me, as I had hoped when I was a girl, and now it seemed like a joke. Love is a conspiracy. If you want to grow old, you have to be evenly matched. After all the paths had been blocked and there was nowhere to retreat to, I began to plot a deep-seated love.