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The 'Crown Princess' Wants to Run Away

The 'Crown Princess' Wants to Run Away



Author : Ye Dong

Publisher : babelnovel


This is a typical enemies-turn-to-lovers romance story between two young men. When Crown Prince Shen Qinghan actually married Lin Jie, a street vendor, countless girls who adored the prince were heartbroken. And the cause of this seemingly absurd event was a promise made by the Emperor when he was young. On the wedding day, the Crown Prince didn't seem happy at all. After all, he did not wish to marry Lin Jie on his own accord. Lin Jie, who was about to become the crown princess, was also confused. He had indeed thought of marrying a rich man in the future, but he had never thought of marrying the current crown prince! Lin Jie wanted to run away from the marriage, but the Crown Prince caught him while he was climbing the wall. Because his shoes were a bit too big, one shoe fell off and hit the Crown Prince in the face… Lin Jie was so scared, sitting still on the wall. “Get off."Shen Qinghan said, showing little emotion. This is awkward. ☆About the Author☆ Ye Dong, one of the best BL/Yaoi writers. Her novels often feature creative storylines and bitter-sweet secret love between main characters. Her masterpieces include Devil Monarch, Be a Good Lover, Captured by His Gentle Love, The 'Crown Princess' Wants to Run Away.