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The Dead Zone: Maya Stela

The Dead Zone: Maya Stela



Author : Qi Men

Publisher : babelnovel


In 1992, an old man with black eyes "stole" an unpublished and commonly found Mayan stone tablet at the site of Copanmaya, 56 kilometres west of Santa Rosa. The information recorded on it was a huge 'wealth' that no one could even imagine. In 2016, leftists who helped their grandfathers with their books at home stumbled on a stone tablet wrapped in parchment, and at the same time an international group seeking his "help" came knocking. But that was not the only surprise. The black stone forest carved with his name in the Yiyang Maya Project, Henan Province; The lacquered gold wooden box hidden under the ancient lake of Tzu Lake in Ningbo City; the grave robber Uncle Li, who knew him and had bought him deliberately; As if the old man knew him well; The weirdest thing is his father's determination that he is doomed …