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The Dream Lover

The Dream Lover

Modern Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Married five years, come to the door, smiling and telling me, sorry your son was born me. I smacked my own mouth. When I was 28 years old, I was f * cking lacking. Being played by her husband, being pinched by her mother-in-law, being cheated by her sister-in-law, and even coming out to clean herself. Now, even Little San dares to enter the inner circle, arrogantly saying that I'm just a babysitter of their family, and I still have a salary. He used to think he loved me to the bone, but the person who hurt me the most was the one closest to him. I foolishly thought that giving up everything would pay off, but in the end, there was nothing. Suicide, hanging, slashing, I did everything I could to save my poor marriage. I vow to take revenge on the scum of men, punish the three, and never remarry. Until Su Moyu broke into my life, I ran with all my might, and he chased me with all his might. 'I can only be in your heart, or in your body. You have no choice.