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The Emperor is Hard to Please

The Emperor is Hard to Please

Historical Romance


Author : Zi Caijidantang

Publisher : babelnovel


Modern talented female students accidentally transmigrated and became the cowardly and useless direct descendant of the general's house. On top of that, there was a fierce and tyrannical concubine who could cover the sky with one hand, and a beautiful little sister who could look like a blooming flower with a heart like a scorpion. Fortunately, she had been reborn, and she was no longer the weak girl who had been bullied. His mother tried to scheme, bit back, and his sister framed him, sending him flying! And there was also that trashy Emperor who had nothing to do all day long to find trouble with. His grandaunt's fists were not for naught. If he provoked her, that would be too hasty. Huff!