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The Enchanting Female Prime Minister

The Enchanting Female Prime Minister

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


She accidentally transmigrated and became an ordinary female servant in the immortal palace. Facing the white-clothed immortal master Gao Jie, her eyes seemed to be fluttering like a little deer as she jumped around randomly. How could she get Immortal Master to send her back? He was unmoved by a beauty's scheme; he was unrelenting in his pleas for mercy … [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] She thought that he was an immortal who had saved her from fire and water, placing all his hopes on him. However, she didn't expect that he was the one who bound her body and mind. He was as elegant as a fairy and treated others coldly, but he looked at her in a different light. He even wanted to make her go against her will and persevere, causing her heart to slowly sink … Join Collection