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The Female Demon King

The Female Demon King

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


She, Demon Emperor Feng Nuo, in order to stop the Great War of Gods and Demons, used his own strength to seal Demon Lord Tu Si. Demon power was depleted, and after eight hundred years of slumber, a wisp of Demon Spirit went to the mortal world to experience tribulations. He, War God Qi Ye, because of Feng Nuo's words before he fell asleep, "You have to pamper me …" "Eight hundred years later, he went to the mortal world with Feng Nuo. He paid his respects to the great general and brought him back from Mo Chen with him, making love over time." "How long will it take for you to grow up?" "Why haven't you improved at all after practicing the 'Nore' character for so long?" "Do you know that men and women shouldn't touch each other?" "You actually dared to hit me, I hate you!" "Little uncle, you are not allowed to marry a wangfei in the future. You are not allowed to sleep with other women in your arms!" "Little uncle, I missed you so much. I missed you so much …" "Little uncle, you don't need Nore?" Join Collection