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The Game Of Chase

The Game Of Chase



Author : Eva Zahan

Publisher : babelnovel


Running away from the truth of her life, Sofia McCommer is determined to start new and prove her worth to her family by joining her brother's office. Scarred by his past, Adrian T Larsen, the Powerful business magnet has an intense hatred for criminals and an abomination for the word: love. And then comes the game. A game of ignoring the playboy Sofia plays with her friends at a Saturday night club. The rules were simple: Ignore the most eligible bachelor of the city, hurt his ego and get out. But little did she know that getting out of the paws of an injured tiger wasn't an easy thing to do. Especially when the infamous businessman, Adrian Larsen's male ego was at stake here. Bound by fate when their paths clash with each other more than Sofia ever expected, she has to push him away and keep her heart locked to keep both of them safe from the dangerous shadows of her past that always lurked around. But can she do that when the devil has already set his eyes on her? She has played a game, and now she has to face the consequences. Because when a predator is teased, it's supposed to chase...