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The Martial Guard in City

The Martial Guard in City



Author : chun qiu yu gong

Publisher : babelnovel


He has no sturdy figure, no handsome face, and no dazzling family property, so he is not surprised that he is despised by some girls, but he doesn't care. For him, saving his tribe is the most important thing. Although he is just a humble guard, he firmly believes that he has the ability to help the tribe get out of trouble. He sought a solution from a fairy, and she told him that in order to save the people, he must first purify and conquer the negative emotions in his heart, and accept the trials given to him by God. He resolutely embarked on this destined arduous and long journey ... ☆About the Author☆ Chun Qiu Yu Gong, an outstanding online novelist, has authored many novels with various styles, and his representative works include Security Guard’s Romance and so on. His novels are welcomed by everyone for his fascinating storyline.