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The Rebellious Princess

The Rebellious Princess

Historical Romance


Author : lian yu

Publisher : babelnovel


At ten years old, the mother who was carrying her little brother was strangled to death right in front of her eyes. Three years later, the Han WanRong who raised her was beaten into the cold palace and burned to death. The princess of the cold palace was designed to be close to her, betraying her former lover. He was the Left Xian Prince of the Huns, but he pushed her into the arms of the Chanyu. When I first met Chanyu Tangli Gu, I had been accused of being unfaithful, and I abandoned him like a pair of old shoes. Being a widow once again, how could he endure being sent to the Chanyu's son's red silk cloth? Ninja, just for revenge, sent troops to Da Kang, to see his former lover again, but they were enemies on both sides. He had killed all of his enemies, yet now, he suddenly looked back. Where was his beauty? Where did she go?