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The So-called Loser's Counterattack

The So-called Loser's Counterattack



Author : Huan Shou Dao

Publisher : babelnovel


After combining his blood with a magic jade pendant, he became a man with super force. He accidentally picked up a small jade pendant, which made him very happy. Since the death of his parents and grandfather, his life has been very difficult. If he sold this jade pendant, he should get a lot of money. But accidental bloodshed completely changed the original plan and also changed his later life. As soon as the jade pendant touched his blood, it disappeared instantly, turned into a cloud black smoke and injected into his body, then he passed out. When he woke up, he found that he had a lot of memories of practicing martial arts in his mind, and his body had undergone tremendous changes. Could it be that he would transform from a loser into a man with a strong martial art? ☆About the Author☆ Huan Shou Dao, an excellent online novelist. His novels are rich in plot and simple in language. The author's rich imagination and excellent narrative ability have created many novels popular with readers.