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The Super Cutie Wants an Elopement

The Super Cutie Wants an Elopement

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


She and he were parallel lines that would never intersect. Suddenly meeting, she saw him as a good friend but never tried to take that step. On the other hand, a certain Monarch's man smiled charmingly, "Women, I will hire you to follow me back to the palace!" She had fallen in love with him and loved him humbly. Suddenly awoken, she decided from the carefree smile on her face to take revenge on her own. A certain Young Hero's heart darkened. "I've missed the chance to be together with you for over a thousand days and nights. Can you let me use the rest of my life to compensate you?" She was always at loggerheads with him. Jiang Hu was known as the weird Ancient Spirit of the Soaring Heroic Bandit, but he could not see his heart. He had waited ten years for her, then spent another three years carefully taking care of her. He was the richest man in Jingguo, the Martial Saint. He was the famous first son of Jingguo, Qi Shao Hao. He was honored for her sake, and honored for her sake. "He only wanted to be together with her and smile at the martial arts world." I've been wandering around for years just for a firework with you in the coming year. " "No," he said.