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The Turn-around Life of Miss Su

The Turn-around Life of Miss Su

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


The modern agent Su Wanqing woke up and found that she had become the eldest daughter of the prime minister mansion who was an idiot. The original owner of this body not only threw her weight about, but also followed the second prince like an anthomaniac frequently. Her motherdied young. Although the father dotes on her, he had no time to care for the family. The stepmother wants to kill her? Make her life worse than death! The daughter of a concubine wants to frame her? Then let her eat her own bitter fruit! The fiance dislikes and avoids her? Dismiss the contract immediately! But Su Wanqing doesn't know that from the moment she changed, a man began to pay close attention to her. ☆About the Author☆ Mao Chuan is a promising new-generation love story writer. Her debut is the ancient romance novelThe Turn-around Life of Miss Su which is currently in serialization.