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The Unique Queen

The Unique Queen

Fantasy Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Who said that the one who crossed over to the other side of the world would definitely be an imperial concubine and wouldn't be pampered to marry the princess? Who said that he had to meet his stepmother, Little Sister Shu, and that top quality trash when he transmigrated to the female lead? Lower concubine, stepmother, little sister Shu, top quality scum? It had nothing to do with her! Kicking the emperor's fiancé into the latrine the first time they met. Mmm, woman, you're very good! Then I accidentally offended the regent of the court. Un, woman, you did well! Eh … But who can tell me what to do? "Uncle, don't be so excited! How could you say that my dad is a great general who has achieved great merits in the South Qi Dynasty? We gentlemen won't do anything if we don't say it so that we can negotiate!" A certain woman tried her best to please him. The man who was as beautiful as an immortal leered at her and leisurely said, "You want to fight father to son with this king? This King's father is the emperor of the Southern Qi! " "..." Who will save me from this river of grief? However, when the top quality emperor's star, the Honorable Regent of PK, arrived … Not only was her father the emperor, her mother was the emperor, and she was the emperor herself. Baili Mingyue, my entire family is the emperor, how can they not punish you?!