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The Wild Immortal Pursuer in School

The Wild Immortal Pursuer in School



Publisher : babelnovel


Ding Yi was a student who enjoys defending against an injustice. Two of his favorite things in school were fighting with bad guys and making friends with beautiful girls. Somehow, beautiful girls would always be seen by the bad guys, so that Ding Yi will inevitably fight all day. Unlike the others, he fought against betrayal and cringe. He was practicing martial arts while fighting, and his force value gradually surpassed everyone and became a super combat man. In the end, he returned to the campus, but instead, no one dared to mess with him this time. ☆About the Author☆ Yan Ge is a well-known online novelist. He has written many novels and most of them are fantasy type. He has extensive writing experience, and his works are accepted and loved by most readers. Among them, <The Wild Immortal Pursuer in School> is very popular.