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The Zombie is Somewhat Lovely

The Zombie is Somewhat Lovely

Fantasy Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


In her previous life, she possessed a superpower that everyone envied, but she was unable to protect herself. She had been imprisoned for two years, and her life was worse than death! In the third year after the apocalypse had ended, the zombies surrounded the city, and the thick miasma engulfed the entire base. Xu Xin could only watch helplessly as she was dismembered. Waking up again, her edge was clearly visible. Holding the golden space in her hand, she had undergone limitless evolution. No one dared to bully her! Superpower was extremely scarce? It was comparable to a cabbage here! Fight for food? Every second, a dozen of them appeared out of nowhere! Someone was fighting over it with jealousy? A certain black-bellied officer wiped the muzzle of his gun, "You must be tired of living if you want to touch my wife!"