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Thirty-Six Strategies to Divorce

Thirty-Six Strategies to Divorce

Modern Romance


Author : Lv Yexianmao

Publisher : babelnovel


She was an ugly mute, a commodity married to a man who hated her, and she had come up with thirty-six plans for a divorce, even running away from home. The powerful man was flustered and exasperated, "Block the entire country immediately! If she dares to run, the Chu Clan will disappear immediately! " Disappeared? Heh, she wasn't afraid of his threats at all! The reporters were curious and asked, "Miss Chu, you don't seem to be afraid?" The beautiful woman glanced at the man who was busying himself in the kitchen and said with a smile, "My husband is a good man who goes to the best kitchen in the hall. What is there to be afraid of?"