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Tianxun and Qiansang, Who Laughs Last

Tianxun and Qiansang, Who Laughs Last

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


If the winds rise and the clouds rise, who is to rule in this chaotic world? She, with her red clothes fluttering in the wind, was an enchanting beauty. She was carefree and unrestrained, a peerless beauty. He, was dressed in black ink, looked like an immortal, and his heaven's will was hard to find. He was unparalleled in this world. He, in white clothes without dust, had an elegant demeanor. He, dressed in yellow like a sovereign, was Shuang Chen. He wore a purple robe that was devilishly charming, and his aura was vigorous and masculine. She was extremely beautiful, and her intelligence was as profound as Kong Ming's. She was exquisite in every aspect, noble and elegant. Would anyone be able to escape from that pair of crimson demonic eyes? How could they choose between a lover and the world? Who was the real king? Who was the one who had a beautiful woman by his side? What would they do with their legendary lives? Who would go together in the chess game under the heavens? They would leave a trail of shadows behind them. Thousand Years of hegemony as if in a dream, Sang Wenjin's mood is difficult to understand. Sky Dynasty wind and frost dark search for Yun Cang Qianyang heart of change and change add to the collection