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Transmigration: Jade Fate

Transmigration: Jade Fate

Historical Romance


Author : zhenyinfang

Publisher : babelnovel


Xiao Yuchen, born in a family of carved wood, is responsible for Carving Dragons and Phoenix for the royal family. The status of the central government is quite high, the family is innocent, and generally has no struggle with the world, but the status is still unshakable. The character is changeable and unfathomable. Generally, most of the most peerless works of the Xiao family are written by him. And foam cold ice from childhood childhood, two little guesswork. It can be said that everyone is envious of him. Xiao Yuchen's wood carving skills are incomparable to others. Therefore, the male leader is the target of everyone's pursuit since he was a child. Later, when she went out to visit her parents again, she was hurt by the robbers. In order to save her father and mother, she was stabbed by the robbers, almost nine days later. Although the body is not completely dead, Lin Yanyu's consciousness is almost nil. From then on, he began to be decadent, and no longer focused on wood carving. Lin Yuyan, an outstanding doctor in the 21st century, has passed through the dying body of Mu Hanbing because of Hotan Yu, and has her memory. The daughter of a humble family gradually discovered the strange and strange disposition of Lin Yu and smoke. After a while, he looked heroic and looked like a little bit of a small family. Just, Xiao Yuchen and Lin Yuyan get along in this period of time. The two men have already sprouted some unknown feelings unconsciously, but no one has broken them. Later, Lin Yuyan escapes from marriage and walks around the world, but is caught back by the man's Lord again. The two gradually rise in love. At this time, Xiao Yuchen accidentally sees a medical skill, and wants to kill Lin Yuyan and revive Mu Hanbing......