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Transmigration: Killer Princess

Transmigration: Killer Princess

Historical Romance


Author : Yu Lanyexinmeng

Publisher : babelnovel


Mad mother had an attack, causing her to die. She actually transmigrated onto the body of a little girl, and that girl was trapped in the hitman organization … The only elder sister that gave her warmth also fell off the cliff. From then on, she learned to hide her feelings, because assassins did not need feelings. However, as a ghost of the twenty-first century, how could it be easy to truly be heartless? After working so hard, she finally became the number one assassin in the organization. This time, the one who got her to assassinate the powerful and influential Prince, how would she choose? If you want to know about the subsequent development of this different female killer who wasn't cold-blooded enough, please watch "The Consort of the Killer of Transmigration".