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Transmigration: Ruthless Husband

Transmigration: Ruthless Husband



Author : He An

Publisher : babelnovel


begs collection, god-dammit. It is said that there are many troubles in front of a husband's door, and there are also quite a few troubles in front of a husband's door! He had even yet to meet his "fiancé" before he was reduced to being an "abandoned husband". It was so difficult for him to talk about a marriage, but he was instead tricked into marrying, stealing the dowry, marrying a "high and mighty", and there were no brothers who were "orphans", "evil men", and they had a hideous smile on their faces. They dared to scheme against this young master, causing your family to have no peace day … What? This' orphan 'had turned into a royal grandson?! Lin Yuxing's face was covered in tears, "Husband, let's continue with our days of making love!"