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Turbulent Times: Subversion

Turbulent Times: Subversion



Publisher : babelnovel


The country had colluded with the evil sects of the Jianghu, suppressing the people and the righteous sects of the Jianghu. In a short period of time, civil war broke out everywhere, and people everywhere rose up to oppose the rule of the imperial government. Just as the world was in chaos, the imperial government received a man of God. This man was only 20 years old, yet he was already proficient in all kinds of tactics, formations, martial arts, and everything. This man recommended himself to the great general to establish a military decree. At that time, there was no one left in the imperial court to lead the army to war. All they could do was die on a horse and pay respects to this person as a great general. In these three years, this person had led an army to calm the flames of war on four fronts. Now, it was time for the class rep to return to the imperial court and receive their rewards. At the same time, all the major sects in the martial arts world had been destroyed by the evil cult. The martial arts world, which had been dormant for a long time, now had a wave that could sweep across the entire country. Close]