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Turns to Be an Intelligent Beauty

Turns to Be an Intelligent Beauty

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


When a strong woman transmigrated to become an abandoned slave in a foreign world, Gu Shenwei's choice was to hide himself and live with his money, then he could turn the situation around and sing to the serfs! The Gu family's vicious sisters? Let their reputations be known; a selfish male member of the Gu family? Don't even think about staying in the place where she, Gu Shenwei, appeared! The number one genius who would not save a life until he died? It seemed wonderful to make him the number one idiot! The husband of the young duke, who was pretending to be stupid? Let's play with him for a bit to travel to another world! When the ugly idiot returned with a beautiful and intelligent transformation, he would turn into an enemy in the blink of an eye and laugh as he called out to her, 'Lord Phoenix is from another world' wasn't a big deal! One conspiracy, one battle, who was the one laughing to the end as the winner? And to see the legendary life of Gu Shenwei of a generation of powerful women. Join Collection