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Ugly Peasant Wife: Money Grubber

Ugly Peasant Wife: Money Grubber

Historical Romance


Author : Qi Mo Ran

Publisher : babelnovel


once transmigrated the 22nd century super special agent dressed up as a silly and ugly five-room chubby girlof the family her husband had died early and her in-laws were sold on the same day she transmigrated yang xinyu waved his fist and laid on the ground not daring to move his family was left with four walls and not a single acre of land was left only his young uncle was left to fend for himself yang xinyu rolled up his sleeves and became rich on his own just as they were getting into the limelight their husband suddenly appeared out of nowhere my wife i'm your husband yang xinyu rolled her eyes and returned i'm ugly the man's smile was like a flower ugly wife little boss what more do you need