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Uncle’s Luxurious Dote on Wife

Uncle’s Luxurious Dote on Wife



Author : An Nuan Nuan

Publisher : babelnovel


It was An Qingrou, a cool looking woman who had witnessed her boyfriend and best friend rolling in bed. However, on the occasion of their first blind date, she had asked for a marriage with Gu Beichen, the number one male god in Seahold. Warm and warm, "... "'Mr Zhang,' shall we go for the pass tomorrow?" Kubei Chen: "... There's no time tomorrow. "Now that I have the time …" An Qingrou stared at him angrily. "Bastard, you promised to cultivate your relationship after marriage …" Gu Bei Zhen raised his brows, "Good girl, feelings are all part of your plan!" A certain girl held onto her sore waist and rolled her eyes … One day, there was a woman roaring in jealousy. Anyang Wen was just a wild girl who came from the countryside, who gave her the confidence to walk, walk, dominate, and walk.