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Unlimited Upgrade System

Unlimited Upgrade System



Author : Cha Yi Bu Cheng Shen

Publisher : babelnovel


With the System in hand, the world is mine! Dodge, gain the ability to dodge, rise to max level, dodge all attacks! Throwing pebbles at the target, gaining the ability to throw pebbles and reaching the maximum level. Everything in the world can be used as a weapon! To learn a martial skill and obtain the Fire Dragon Fist skill, one had to be able to reach the maximum level. To be able to suppress the Great Dao of Fire, even the Fire God would have to bow down to him! Unintentionally flirting with her sister, obtaining the love saint ability, reaching the maximum level, the world is my sister! I'm the main character, I'm the most worried about — I'm Chen Feng, and I'm the spokesperson for the Infinite Ability System!