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Unparalleled Emperor of Immortal World

Unparalleled Emperor of Immortal World



Author : Xiao Li Cang Qing

Publisher : babelnovel


"Teacher Jiang, I want to learn to play the flute. Can you teach me?" "Alright, come to my room tonight." "Teacher Jiang, the Unparalleled Heavenly Emperor wanted to acknowledge you as his teacher. He has knelt for three days and three nights already!" Do you want to bother me with such a small matter? "Let's place him among the students with the lowest cultivation." Ah? "He is a Heavenly Emperor!" Oh, I forgot. Then put him among the students who have yet to start cultivating! " In the Immortal Pet Continent, cultivators were respected. I, Jiang Feng, am one of the most respected amongst all. My name is the Ancestor and I command all the heavens, who would dare disobey me! Close]