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Utmost Tao, Divine King

Utmost Tao, Divine King



Author : Gong Chen

Publisher : babelnovel


When growth requires the baptism of blood, when a road requires the accumulation of bones, when a grain of sand can shake the heavens, when a drop of water can water the earth... When a person lifted his hand to pick up the stars, the sun and moon, or the rivers and mountains with his hands covered … In this era where all races coexist, the legend had been erased from history. At the limit of a certain period, the legend of the Ji Realm had been opened … In this life, a young man covered in blood crawled out of the Blood Cauldron. A story of exploration, conquest, slaughter, rise to prominence, hot-blooded, and a lone emperor began to play out … The survival of the apocalypse, the vicissitudes of life, the struggles in battle, the emotions between life and death... The world was sad, but it was also boiling. When the myth finally lifted the veil of mystery, was it as perfect as you thought it was?