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Walking Dead: Fight Till Dawn

Walking Dead: Fight Till Dawn



Publisher : babelnovel


My brother became the first victim of an unknown virus. Without knowing, his brother was suddenly bitten. On the night that the family was taken care of in the hospital, more than a hundred patients with bite wounds in the hospital suddenly died quickly. The scariest thing was … After their deaths, they stood up one by one, becoming bloodthirsty and hungry. We are their food. Two months after the remaining family members had hidden themselves in the cafeteria, the world had been turned upside down by the 'people' who had stood up. The same terrible thing is happening all over the world! The world was changed. There was no system, no police, no government. Homer, an ordinary third-year girl, to take care of his elderly grandmother, his frail mother, and his young brother. He had no choice but to grit his teeth and take on everything. The surviving members were all the most insignificant ones in the Ten Thousand Flowers World. They were all united in order to survive. Our goal is simple: to live, to live. Human immunity is ineffective against viruses, and the only way not to be infected is to make sure you don't get bitten! You, me, us... At this final juncture, without nationality, without borders, to unite against a world of desolation and cruelty.