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Warm Love from Her Cold God

Warm Love from Her Cold God

Modern Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


She said, "Boy god, we're not suitable!" His lips curled into a smile. "Since you're not married, and I'm not, we should die together!" She said, "There are so many women who covet you, there's no need for all of them. Even if you give me a few obstacles, I will still die. Aren't I courting death by being the rival of so many women?" He raised his eyebrows. "I'll kill whoever gets you into trouble!" She said, "Male god, you are only suitable for lovestruck, not for being a husband." He forced her into a corner. "How do you know if it's appropriate if you don't try?" Five years. To Xue Moyan, Su Lingyun was an addictive poison that drilled deep into one's bone marrow; there was no way to remove it. To Su Li, Xue Moyan was a poisonous thorn buried deep within the bones. It could not be pulled out, it would touch, and the pain penetrated into the heart. He stared at the graceful woman in front of him, who had brought his son along. Suppressing the ripples in his heart, he hid the emotions in his eyes, and said guiltily: "Little Ling'er, I'm sorry." She turned around and looked at the man who was still tall and straight. She took off her sunglasses and smiled like a flower. "Mister Xue, no one will let down anyone. Only those who don't cherish each other will be able to. If I leave you, I'll still be me." At the side, the two darlings who had smelled the adultery stared with wide eyes: "Mommy, who is this handsome uncle?" Join Collection