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Weak Young Miss's Fate-fighting Road

Weak Young Miss's Fate-fighting Road

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Everyone knew that the good-for-nothing Miss An Lingyu had been given birth to a concubine who had been killed in every possible way. Her resentment never dissipated, and she vowed to take revenge! When he opened his eyes again, he saw that the trash had changed souls. The light of a foreign world was vowing to shake the entire world! Whoever dares to bully me, even if it is Purgatory, I will drag you out and hack you into a thousand pieces! Whoever insults me, even if I have to fawn on him, he will pay ten times the price! He will not be let off! Those who respect themselves, even if you want to become the enemy of the entire world, you have to split the primal chaos for them and repay them a thousand times over! Love and hate, daring to do anything, this was a label that belonged solely to An Lingyu... The Demon Sovereign that everyone disdained yet dreaded was her master, and the person that everyone considered to be an immortal was her friend, the emperor. The beautiful man stretched out his hands and handed them over. Who would be able to laugh proudly like her and play with the world around them? Join Collection