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Wen Shaoqing Profound Love to You

Wen Shaoqing Profound Love to You

Modern Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


"Shaoqing, take me!" That year, Bai Xiao, who was still young, gave her first gift to him. Wen Shaoqing thought that from tomorrow onwards, he would be married to her, and they would be together for the rest of their lives. However, the heavens were playing a joke on him. In the blink of an eye, she had married another man. We'll meet again in six years. She was miserable, working day and night to pay off her husband's gambling debts. He was in high spirits and could buy up a number of companies and scold them while talking and laughing. "Bai Xiao, if you loved me more than you loved money, how could you be like this?" She smiled bitterly. Wen Shaoqing, how could my love for you not stop at just a little?