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Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife

Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife

Fantasy Romance


Author : Shui Se

Publisher : babelnovel


Falling in love with the Father of the underworld, The world's chief assassin, Yun Ruoyou, had philter s in his possession. They had accidentally teleported into the Yuchi Kingdom. When he woke up … but instead became the Demon Lord's unfavored Lateral Consort. The originally aloof and aloof Leng Xie Sha's hand had been reduced to nothing but a toy. A concubine who had been humiliated to her heart's content! He turned his hand to the clouds, he turned his hand to the rain, After messing up the mansion and running away, Then, he turned around and fell into Third Prince's trap … Who was the one who had orchestrated this plot, Who could that Man in Black who had helped her from behind time to time be?