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Wife, I'm Addicted to Kissing You

Wife, I'm Addicted to Kissing You

Modern Romance


Author : Zhuan Xiangxiao

Publisher : babelnovel


He hates her. Because he is certain that she kidnaped her step sister which he loves deeply. So he tortured her bitterly. In order to get possession, Si Tuhua forced Shen mingxi to give birth a child for him. However, as long as they get along, he kind of fell in love for her. Since the investigation of that kidnap developping, he found the hiding turth and cabal.she is innocent. What is the turth? What is the purpose? ☆About the Author☆ Zhuan Xiangxiao is an urban romance novelist,who has written <Wife, I'm Addicted to Kissing You>. Although this novel is her debut, it has already been loved by a lot readers and it got large reading amount. Therefore, Zhuan Xiangxiao improved her visibility.