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Wild Doctor Consort: Prince Regent Pesters

Wild Doctor Consort: Prince Regent Pesters

Historical Romance


Author : Si Yue Hua Kai

Publisher : babelnovel


once transmigrated, the 21st century special forces military doctors became the newly initiated sickly princess. the side concubine was vicious, letting you taste what it was like to live rather than die. the son of an influential official came knocking on his door and directly sent him to yama for tea. i'm sorry, i don't know any empress dowager. with her good medical skills and martial arts, this woman had been doing well in the capital. the only accident was that illogical regent. she had clearly said that she was only putting on an act. would a certain prince be too involved in a play and wholeheartedly want to take over her people? "xiao feimo, what did you see in me?" a certain prince meaningfully glanced at her. "the whole of the wangfei's body is deeply rooted in this prince's heart."