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Wild Flower Guardian in City

Wild Flower Guardian in City



Publisher : babelnovel


A generation of soldier king returned to the city and began a crazy conquest. Not long after returning, he heard that his brother was hurt, and he rushed to avenge his brother without saying a word. Accidentally encountered a beauty who was harassed by someone, no matter how noble the person was, he resolutely went up to fight. Someone was greedy for his money, and he shot it out. He was fierce and determined, showing no mercy to the enemy. With a beauty on his side, he became a wild flower guardian in city. ☆About the Author☆ Sweet Lemon is an excellent novel author, and her novels are very popular with readers. For example, "Wild Flower Guardian in City " and so on. Her novels are ingenious, like flowing clouds. The subject matter of her novels is very distinctive and the writing is smooth and fresh.