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Woman CEO and Her Contract Man

Woman CEO and Her Contract Man

Modern Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


His mother's sudden death changed Yan Li's fate. After ten years of transformation, she had become Lady Yan's CEO. Her best friend, Ouyang Luo, was her Chief Secretary. White was the synonym for Yan Li. A handsome suit, the casual clothing of youth were all thoroughly and vividly displayed by her. However, the dress that women loved fashion the most was her insulator. Even at various events and dinners, she, who only wore white suits, was the focal point of the entire venue. Yan Li's work in the cold, elegant, strong, meticulous life, tyranny, all attracted the excellent men around her, the heart of the reserved love, but to a man met by chance. But who would have thought that this renowned woman had another identity? The Shura Silver Fox from the Dark World, dressed in black, with a silver fox mask on her face, was her trademark. Even if the two were at the beginning of the contract, they wouldn't be able to match the relationship they had over time. Join Collection