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World Defying Fierce Young Miss

World Defying Fierce Young Miss

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


She was a generation of divine doctor, and had been healing and saving people all her life. However, she didn't expect to be killed because of saving a bad person. Before dying, she swore:"if there was a future life, i would never save others! I would use poison to kill those who harmed me!" She opened her eyes again after death and found herself reborn to the age of ten. As she once said, she was not going to be a divine doctor, but a poisoner. She must force those who had hurt her to pay the price! Only to her surprise, that man cold in the previous life, has been crazy in love with her in this life... ☆About the Author☆ Wu Feng, an excellent author of online novels, she has rich creative experience and superb creative ability. Each of her novels is a fine work, and her representative works include: The rebirth of poisonous concubines is very arrogant.