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Wrong Marry to Cold CEO

Wrong Marry to Cold CEO



Author : tian qin

Publisher : babelnovel


She was kidnapped into a strange mansion, and then she was brought home by a mysterious and charming man, becoming his private servant … In the house she had suffered so much that she had seen two men who looked exactly the same. Beneath the same face, there was a bloodthirsty and cruel person who had mistreated her in every way possible and a gentle Ruyu who had protected her in every way. Looking at the gentle and refined Second Young Master, she thought that she had found a lifeline, but she didn't know that … He hated her, he kidnapped her, he used the cruelest way to bash at her self-esteem, he took her body and mind. In order to live, she chose to escape. In her heart, she silently told herself: Even if I die, I won't be his prisoner slave! "Will she really succeed?"