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Author : Xi Nian Xiao Meng

Publisher : babelnovel


Hiding a foreign matter in his body, he finally shined in another world. There was a mysterious powerful worm hiding in his body. This worm would slow down his cultivation speed. But when he was in danger, it would keep him safe. Others who don’t know the truth laughed at him because of his slow progress. But he always believed that there was still oppotunity for him to show out his talent, but the time is not now. As expected, He found an opportunity, left this place, and went to another world where this kind of worms existed. There he can show his talents and abilities. As he cultivated to be more and more powerful, he believed that he was able to turn over the world and then dominate it eventually! ☆About the Author☆ Xi Nian Xiao Meng, an online novel author. He wrote Yin, which has characteristic personality and rich storyline that attract many readers' attention.