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You Are Ill, I Can Cure

You Are Ill, I Can Cure



Author : free雅

Publisher : babelnovel


The first time Qi Qi saw Yi Ouhua was when he was ten years old. At the time, he only felt that the boy had great perseverance; the second time Qi saw Yi Ouhua on the big screen in Times Square, he thought that the man was very powerful; the third time Qi saw Yi Ouhua was at the hospital. Qi Qi was injured by the berserker and saved by Yi Ouhua. At the same time, Yi Ou Hua was also thinking that once the berserk factor appeared in this man's body, the consequences would be unimaginable. He had to find a reason to monitor it. If there were any signs of berserk, he would immediately kill it... At that time, Yi Ou Hua thought like this, but afterwards …