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Young Master Gu's Wild Wife

Young Master Gu's Wild Wife

Modern Romance


Author : Jiangling

Publisher : babelnovel


On the day of the engagement, Gu Qichen found out that his fiancee, An Zhixiao, was not the young miss of the An family who had been betrothed to him since young. At the same time, he accidentally discovered that a certain gossip reporter, Xu Anqing, had the exact same birthmark as the real Miss An. After a round of investigation, Gu Qichen found out that his stepmother threw him into the river and tried to drown when he was 5 years old. All these years, An Zhixiao's stepmother had always used her daughter, An Zhiyin, to impersonate the real An Zhixiao. Gu Qichen was so angry that he cancelled the marriage, and Neither Runner took Xu Anqing for his own wife.