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Young Master's 100 Ways of Love

Young Master's 100 Ways of Love



Author : Ying Tao Qiao Ke Li Pai

Publisher : babelnovel


I randomly picked a guy to deal with my blind date, He didn't expect this man to be so charming. An Xia: "You're in charge of beauty. I'm in charge of earning money to support my family." Mr. Gu, the wealthiest among them, smiled and said, "Good luck, Madam." ------------ Gu Jingxing was the legendary god of slaughter in the mall. He coolly imparted his teachings to his wife. "Women are creatures that cannot be ignored. If I were to teach my wife how to live, she wouldn't dare head east. If I told her to wash her clothes, she wouldn't dare drag the floor. Everyone: "…" " Chairman Gu, do you want to get up from the remote control before bragging?